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Aman Dian – President

Aman is an accomplished leader in the commercial construction industry, with extensive experience managing both private and public works projects. He received his BS in Construction Engineering and Management from SDSU in 2015 and has since established a reputable career. After beginning as a project engineer in San Diego, Aman worked his way up to becoming a Branch Manager for a $100 million per year contractor within a few years. In 2018, he obtained his C-61, C-2, and B license, and he currently holds CSLB# 1059540.

Aman has a long-standing family history of General Contractors, and in 2019, he established BLOC Construction, Inc. to continue his family legacy. With a focus on small to medium-sized commercial Tenant Improvement projects in the San Diego area, Aman oversees the management of projects from Pre-Con to completion.

Aman’s extensive project history includes managing a diverse array of projects with a total contract value of up to $35 million. Notable projects include the San Diego County Courthouse, Rady Children’s Hospital, the UCSD Franklin Antonio Hall, San Diego International Airport Terminal 1, and many more. Aman’s commitment to excellence and expertise makes him an asset to any construction project.

Happy mid adult interior designer communicating with his customers at construction site.


  • SeaWorld Eel Ride
    GC: Rudolph and Sletten
    Amount: $200,000
  • SeaWorld Journey to Atlantis Remodel
    GC: Rudolph and Sletten
    Amount: $150,000


  • Rady Children’s Hospital – Murrieta
    GC: McCarthy
    Amount: $6M
  • USD Annex Building (School of Engineering – Phase 2)
    GC: Level 10
    Amount: $250,000
  • Sharp Oncology Tenant Improvement (8010 Frost Street)
    GC: Kitchell
  • Pfizer CB1 Science Center Forum Renovation:
    GC: Kitchell
    Amount: $350,000
  • Aperture Parking Structure:
    GC: McCarthy
    Amount: $350,000
  • Pomerado Outpatient Pavilion Ambulatory Surgery Center (Suite 200):
    GC: Align Builders
    Amount: $190,000
  • Rady’s Children Hospital:
    GC: Turner/Flat Iron (Arrive)
    Amount: $6,400,000


  • San Diego County Courthouse:
    GC: Rudolph and Sletten
    Amount: $35M
    Amount: $50,000
  • USD Barcelona Legal Clinic Remodel
    GC: Rudolph and Sletten
    Amount: $12,000
  • Centerside I & II Lobby Renovation
    GC: Whiting-Turner
    Amount: $75,000
  • Aperture Phase 1
    GC: McCarthy
    Amount: $1M
  • BMR Apex – Core & Shell
    GC: Rudolph and Sletten
    Amount: $2.5M
  • SDSU Aztec Recreation Center
    GC: McCarthy
    Amount: $7.5M
  • Cubic Corporations Campus (BLDG A & BLDG B):
    GC: Whiting-Turner
    Amount: $4M
  • UCSD Franklin Antonio Hall:
    GC: McCarthy
    Amount: $4.2M
  • SDSU Performing Arts:
    GC: Rudolph and Sletten
    Amount: $2,400,000
  • Torrey View (C&S) – Breakthrough Properties:
    GC: Clark Construction
    Amount: $16,500,000
  • Torrey View (TI) – Becton Dickinson:
    GC: Clark Construction/CRB
    Amount: $6,500,000
  • Loker Avenue TI:
    GC: Whiting-Turner
    Amount: $180,000
  • San Diego International Airport – Terminal 1:
    GC: Turner/Flat Iron (Arrive)
    Amount: $19,100,000